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5 Ways to kick off your weekend with a healthy start!

As we approach the better seasons of spring and summer, I would like to encourage people to commence their weekends with a few simple healthy habits that have huge benefits that ripple throughout your week! 

I realise many casual gym goers and those who exercise to be healthier and have a better quality of life like to justify to themselves that Monday is the start of the week, and therefore the start of a clean slate to undo all the bad eating and regretful weekend binges that they soon reflect (regret) upon. 

Well I'm here to suggest an alternate scenario. What if you started your Saturday’s and Sunday’s off with 1 hour of a healthy morning ritual? In my experience, starting each of the weekend days off with these healthy habits in-turn leads to healthier conscious decisions throughout the weekend. Well.. it leads to a lower chance of undoing a week of hard work with overindulging and excessive drinking. 

Here are some things I do each morning, that help improve my mindset, my dietary decisions and prepare my mind and body for the day ahead:

1/ Rise, Grind and HUSTLE earlier in the day!

Now this doesn’t mean you can’t sleep in. Sleep as much as your body needs to feel energised again, just don’t spend 1/3 of the day in bed. Remember, you have to wake up in order to chase those big dreams of yours! 

2/ Wake up, black coffee and a half an hour fasted walk (or run)

Note: this can be done in a variety of ways to make it more enjoyable. 

Walk the dog, I’m sure your furry friend would like to explore the streets with you.Walk with a friend, partner, spouse or family member.Walk while listening to your favourite podcast or playlist.

3/ Have a big nutritional breakfast 

The size of the breakfast and the nutritional macros should meet the requirements of the activity level you will commit to throughout the day.Ideally; a balance of quality protein sources, low GI carbs, and unsaturated fats will fuel your warrior body to attack the day. 

4/ Write a short list of 3 goals you would like to achieve in that day

These can be however big or small you chooseGoal setting is a great way to accomplish tasks and reap the rewards.

5/ Get some sunlight and experience nature and the outdoors

Sunlight exposure has numerous benefits that help you feel stronger, happier and provides you with a boost of energy, (an article on this topic will be uploaded soon). Remember to wear appropriate clothing and sun block to protect against the harmful UV rays from excessive exposure.


- Get out there and HUSTLE HARDER!!

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