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Passionate About Inspiring Others
Know your PURPOSE! Find your HUSTLE!

A little insight about myself and my experience pertaining to the industry until now. I have been heavily involved in the sport science (and fitness) industry for the last 10 years, since the age of 16. This has evolved from a seed of passion for my personal strength training which has developed into a competitive bodybuilding journey. Whilst studying year 12 in Canberra, ACT, I was granted the opportunity to be employed by Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) which involved performing regular sports specific first-aid, joint strapping, deep tissue massage, Myofascial Release (MFR) and injury rehabilitation of a variety of sporting athletes across the nations capital. 

From these two key opportunities and immense experience, I was able to work freelance jobs at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), during large competition events and several private colleges. Upon two thirds my way through my Sport Science and Dietary Nutrition Bachelor Degree at University of Canberra, I made the big decision to move closer to family support here in Melbourne and finish my studies at Deakin University, Burwood. This however extended my degree duration since multiple units did not provide credit across institutions, and I chose to undergo the ESSA accreditation to ensure post graduation I am equipped with the skills to deliver quality evidence based practice to my clientele. 

Since moving to Melbourne in January 2016, I have been blessed to be involved in opportunities that have provided me with the necessary crucial experience the industry requires. To further improve my strength and conditioning skill set, building on what I have learnt through my bachelor degree, I have participated in a 30-week strength and conditioning internship with Woodford Sports Science Consulting. This was the practical experience I needed to develop my skill set.

Since 2014 I have competed five times in bodybuilding / physique competitions. I have completed my Bachelor degree, and started Hustle Harder Coaching. This lead me to build numerous relationships with schools in South East Melbourne teaching children movement fundamentals. I have currently set my focus on developing my personalised training sessions and bootcamps, so that I may give back to the community and deliver a service I'm proud of!

  • Bachelor degree of Exercise and Sport Science with ESSA accreditation - Deakin University, Burwood, Victoria 

  • Certificate IV Allied Health - Sterling Institute of Australia, Victoria

  • Level 1 Sports Trainer - Sports Medicine Australia, ACT

  • Level 2 First Aid Certificate - St. Johns Ambulance, ACT

Industry Experience
  • Internship, Woodford Sport Science Consulting, Melbourne, VIC — 2016 - 2017


  • Coaching large school groups, sport teams and individual track and field athletes through the fundamentals of strength and conditioning and efficient movement mechanics, Woodford SSC, Melbourne, VIC - 2016 - Present.


  • Store Manager, Aussie Supplements and Nutrition, Canberra, ACT — 2014 - 2015


  • Level 1 Trainer, Injury prevention officer, Radford Private College Football - 2011 - 2013


  • First Aider / injury prevention officer,  Australian Institute of Sport — 2011-2012


  • Sports Trainer / First Aid,  Ainslie Football Club, Canberra, ACT — 2011 - 2012


  • Level 1 Trainer, Sports Medicine Australia, Canberra, ACT — 2010 - 2015

Personal Sporting Experience
  • Bodybuilding / Hypertrophy training - 2008 - 2017

  • Competitive Bodybuilding history  

  • INBA Canberra (2014) - Placed 5th in Fitness Division

  • WFF Kahma Classic (April 2017) - Placed 2nd in Bermuda Boardshorts

  • WFF Peninsula Classic (May 2017) - Placed 3rd in Bermuda Boardshorts

  • Coaching - strength and conditioning, biomechanics of movement, free weight exercise, flexibility and balance movements

  • Coaching movement patterns and fundamentals to large sports teams, primary school groups, and individual track and field athletes.

  • Hypertrophy training - bodybuilding background and experience

  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses in an individual’s movement pattern mechanics. 

  • Deep tissue massage

  • Basic myofacial release 

  • Writing up training programs for individuals, utilising undulating macro and micro periodisation throughout the year. 

  • Confident public speaker and communicating to individuals and groups / teams 

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